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This page is for Universal Rally's 2 Wheeled adventures......

10/20 Home! 

I'm finally back in LA after a 15 hour drive from Mt Hood, Oregon.  After riding 220 miles during the 2008 Mt Hood rally, sitting for over half a day in the car wasn't the most enjoyable way to spend a Sunday but I had to be at work on Monday so that's the price I pay to play!

10/18 Mt Hood Rally http://www.mthoodrally.com/2008

The race is over and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  After 70 special stage miles and 150 transit miles I ended up 5th Overall and 4th in class for the Rally Moto event.

The results are here: www.rallydata.com/Results/MtHood_Moto_2008_ClubScoreBoard.htm

The goal was to finish and not kill myself so I feel great for sticking to my plan.  It wasn't without drama though.  I did manage to leave the road on almost every stage and twice on the final night stage!  No major damage...just slower stage times and an ego check.

10/17 Pre Race....

I left for Oregon on Thursday (10/16) night and drove 15 hours straight through to arrive in  Mt Hood just in time for registration and recce (scouting the race roads).  I also talked my brother into  doing the event on his KTM...so he and my dad were waiting for me when I arrived! I managed to get an hour of sleep between prepping the bikes and during the usual pre-race crap. 

We got to drive the roads and they're really nice!  Usually I make detailed "notes" with my co-driver when doing the rally in a car but on a bike there's no one there to read the notes back to you! 

10/12  Putting in Miles....

So I deceided that I wanted to try a form of racing..."Rally Moto".    It's just like rally but with a street legal dirt bike.  I love rally and since my car is out of commision for a while I figured this was a good way to keep my crazy bone sharp!

There happens to be an event in Oregon on October 18th...1 week away...perfect!  Since my bike is new and it's been almost 10 years since I've done any consistent riding I figured that it would be a good idea to break the new bike and my old body in before I attempted to race 220 miles!

I managed to ride 150 miles on Saturday and 60 miles on Sunday.  Needless to say I walked a bit funny by back-side was completely sore!  6 days till race day.....yikes!

10/10 GMAT and Motorcycles....

I did two firsts today; I took the GMAT and bought a brand new motorcycle!  they both turned out to be about to be humerous. I tanked the GMAT and within riding my new KTM 690 Enduro I wrecked it!!  There's nothing like sliding across the cement in a t-shirt and no helmet while your friends laugh at you.  I promtly recalled why I stopped riding motorcycles as I slide to a stop. 

I promise...this time around on bikes I'll be more careful. No more emergency rooms and metal plates!!