Driver and Car Owner:  Andrew Sutherland

Insiders and even casual fans consider rally drivers to be the best all around drivers on the planet. They must master every road surface and every weather condition while possessing the endurance and stamina needed to make it through long hours and hundreds of miles. As the old saying goes, "Circuit racers see 10 turns 1000 times while rally drivers see 1000 turns 1 time!"

Co-Driver:  Amar Sehmi

The key to a rally driver’s success is their co-driver. Rally drivers are not allowed to practice the course and must rely on their co-driver to navigate the closed roads. The co-driver uses a special odometer along with a supplied route book to communicate to the driver a detailed description of the road ahead including warnings for hazards such as cliffs, trees and junctions. Rally drivers determine what speed and angle to enter each turn or crest in the road by listening to their co-driver's constant instructions.

Backup Co-driver:  Christine Beavis