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EP3 Civic Chassis

Subaru Open Class GC8

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Prodrive / Bilstein 50mm Gravel Dampers

Prodrive/Bilstein 50mm GN Gravel Dampers for a GC8. Shocks have a built in oil circulating system that continually sprays oil on the upper bearing keeping the shock cool over long stages. Shocks have almost new GN Top mounts. The large diameter springs reduce flexing under load.

Shocks were completely overhauled and have done two rallies (Reno and Idaho). The overall included re-cad plating the shock bodies, replacing all of the bearings, having all of the inserts rebuilt by Bilstein, which is $75 per insert and the turn around time is a week! After Idaho shocks were torn apart, cleaned, greased and reassembled!

There are numerous spares including bearings (enough for a full replacement), various seals, oil lines and a spare insert. They will also come with the original Prodrive parts catalogue, bearing insertion tool and set-up sheets.

This is by far the best suspension I’ve ever rallied on. It’s a non-adjustable set-up that is prefect the way it was designed by Prodrive, no need to mess with anything! This is world class set-up used in the PWRC back in the day.

I’m not in a big hurry to sell it and I’ll only take $3000 for them.

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